The Luck of the Irish?

View from O'Connell Bridge in Dublin

View from O'Connell Bridge in Dublin

If the Irish are so lucky then how come it rains all the time there??!  Okay, maybe that’s not fair.  I have been to Ireland once before and the weather was beautiful.  But when you haven’t slept coming off a six-hour red eye flight the cold and rain is just that much more depressing.

The Rain in Dublin falls mainly on me

The Rain in Dublin falls mainly on me

That said, we had just arrived at the first stop (technically just a layover) on our RTW tour so I guess it could have been worse… could have been a business trip.

With only six hours to spend we did what any normal human being would do with that little time……we went to a pub to enjoy a frothy pint of Guinness.

Irishman's Best Friend

Irishman's Best Friend

Of course since we arrived at 7am we had to wait, cold and wet, in a 24 hour coffee shop until the pubs opened around 10am.  10am is pretty respectable for a bar to open, but come on, we were in Ireland, the land of milk and beer, so I had expected an even earlier start.

Erin go drinking!

Erin go drinking!

Here’s a good one of Francesca being not happy with the Dublin weather.

Fran waiting in the rain for a bus back to Dublin airport.

Fran waiting in the rain for a bus back to Dublin airport.

Oh well, we got our pint and were soon on our way to Dubrovnik, Croatia where the weather promised to be better.

Dublin, Ireland

Dublin, Ireland

Country Stats

Official Name: Ireland

Native Language(s): Irish, English

Country Name in Native Language: Eire (Irish)

Population: 4,460,000

Capital City: Dublin

Government: Republic with a Parliamentary system.

Current Leader: President Mary McAleese

For more information on Ireland click here.

In Retrospect (August 11, 2010)

All I can remember about our brief visit to Dublin is being tired, cold and wet.  We were very tempted to stay at the airport and wait for our flight to Dubrovnik, but our sense of adventure kicked in – plus I had a blog to write and a blog about the inside of Dublin airport wouldn’t have been that interesting.

I think sitting in that coffee shop waiting for the pubs to open, fighting to keep my eyes open and sitting in soaking wet clothes was the worst moment of the entire trip.  So I guess I can say with confidence that it was all uphill from there.


2 Responses to “The Luck of the Irish?”

  1. It certainly does rain in Ireland, that is why it is such a green a beautiful country. I hope you get back sometime soon to explore and see much more of the country. There is so much beauty outside of Dublin.

    • Dan Jahns Says:

      Yes, I agree Dublin is beautiful and didn’t mean to insinuate otherwise. I have been to Ireland before including one of the best wedding I’ve ever attended where we sang, danced and drank beer until the wee morning hours….

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