Literati and Film Buffs of the World Unite!

Positano Magic

Positano Magic

Hi All,

Whenever I travel I like to read literature from local writers from that country… when I went to Columbia I (tried to) read Gabriel Garcia Marquez’ “Love in the Time of Cholera” (but couldn’t get through it).  Anyhoo, even though I am forbidden by the law of RTW travel from carrying heavy novels (and don’t myself have a Kindle), since we are now in Italy I figured I would ask you all what you think the best book about Italy is and, since I know that some of you don’t read, what your favorite film set in Italy is?  I don’t really have any rigid criteria for the books or films, but I guess I am thinking about fiction (that deals in some way with Italy) for literature and for films I’m talking about any film that has Italy as a focus or backdrop, not necessarily an Italian film by an Italian director (although those are more than welcome).

To give people suggestions to get started I’ve created a multiple choice poll so feel free to choose one of these or add your own.

Amalfi Sunset

Amalfi Sunset

And now your favorite film about Italy?

I look forward to your responses.


One Response to “Literati and Film Buffs of the World Unite!”

  1. Awesome! I added cinema paradiso to the movie mix. Next to ‘city of God’ my all time favorite ‘foreign’ flick!

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