Amalfi Amore……


We spent the last 4 days on the Amalfi coast of Italy where Francesca’s mom, Edithe, joined us for the absolutely stunning views and delicious food.  Rather than subject you to my usual verbosity I thought that this portion of our trip would best be served with just pictures put to music.  So here is a couple minute slideshow of our 4 days in the Amalfi Coast.  Make sure to click the lower right icon to view it full screen.  And it may take a few seconds to load the first time so please be patient.  Its worth it! 🙂

Oh and if you didn’t see my last post, make sure you put your vote in for best Italy based book and film!

In Retrospect (September 2, 2010):

This was my first time in Italy and the Amalfi Coast was truly breathtaking.  The views were stunning and the food amazing.  I also enjoyed driving our rental car around the winding streets with hairpin turns curving dangerously close to the edge with sheer drop offs on the other side.  Francesca and Edithe didn’t find it as entertaining as I did and were constantly requesting that I slow down.


3 Responses to “Amalfi Amore……”

  1. wow, magnificent! looks like you are having a wonderful time. miss you guys!

  2. Myron Yango Says:

    amalfi coastline has and always been the most scenic place I’ve ever seen. You guys have fun.

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