Forgive Us Father…..for We have Sinned

I was not raised Catholic, but I have been to enough Catholic churches in the past three weeks traveling in Europe that I feel compelled to make a confession. Okay, here goes……..we ate Chinese food in Florence.  And Venice.  And Japanese food in Vienna.  There, I said it. And I feel so much better.

I know we have titled this trip Eat, Play, Love and talked about all the exotic and delicious foods we are going to eat and, trust me, we have eaten the local fare at every stop including mussels in Ston, Croatia, salted cod in Lucca, Italy and Hungarian goulash in Budapest.  BUT, you have your cravings sometimes and they have to be sated.  After two weeks of pasta (and pasta derivative products) you kind of don’t look at a bowl of noodles quite the same way.  Plus, Chinese food is just so darned good isn’t it?!


And just for the record, if you all were like us and thinking you can’t make really bad Chinese food, you would be incorrect.  While the Chinese food in Florence was phenomenal the food in Venice’s “Venice Chinatown Restaurant” (now you can avoid it) was ridiculously bad.  It seemed like they took the yummy bit of each dish and took it out.  Overall the food had very little taste.  We left severely disappointed after having craved it all day.

Anyway, that’s my confession.  Okay so for my penance how many “Hail Marys” do I have to recite?

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In Retrospect (September 18, 2010):

Well, I don’t feel I really need to relive my sins again so I don’t have much to say about this posting.  Other than we really love Chinese food and I am not really ashamed that we ate so much of it in Europe.  Of course, we were in heaven when we got to Southeast Asia and got to devour all that amazing Asian cuisine on the cheap!


2 Responses to “Forgive Us Father…..for We have Sinned”

  1. Ha!! Yep, having spent a great deal of time in Italy, I can also confirm that the Chinese food found there is a bit lacking in flavor. It is no wonder that some Italians I know would scoff at the idea of going to a Chinese restaurant for dinner. However, the Italians DO have some fantastic sushi – there is a Nobu in Milan which is the standard you would expect from that chain plus another restaurant in Milan, La Terrazza, who specializes in Mediterranean Sushi which is quite wonderful.

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