Whiskers Away!

Just a brief update on my beard cuz I know you all really care.

full beard for 4 shot

I have to say I was a bit disappointed with my beard growth since last I blogged about it.  It seemed to have stalled somewhere around the Kenny Loggins look and not during his Loggins & Messina phase either (that would have been awesome) but more like his trimmer Top Gun sound track era look.

kenny l dual shot

And for some reason my beard has a lot of gray hairs in it when I have not started to see any (many?) on my head.  My entire chin has a streak of white in it.  What’s up with that?!

white streak2

Plus I have no idea how to care for and manicure a beard – can you technically manicure a beard or is that just for the hands? – and even if I did know how I don’t have the proper tools for the job.  I suppose I’d need a grooming kit of some sort.  I do have an electric nose hair trimmer (how the heck did THAT pass the “what to bring, what not to bring” inspection!?) though which I tried to use to trim my scraggly beard, but that did not work so well.

As if the fact that it looks like crap and itches like hell wasn’t enough it has also been very bad for my love life as Francesca has been withholding intimacy until it is gone from my face.  Apparently it hurts when I kiss her.

So it doesn’t take a genius to figure out what to do next…..shave it! So that’s what I did.  BUT, assuming that I will never do this again I shaved it off in phases so I could see myself in some different looks.

Here’s me with the goatee somewhat resembling Christopher Guest in the film “The Princess Bride”.  I have never thought a goatee that becoming on any guy, but I definitely don’t think it belongs on me.

me and chris guestBelow is me with a mustache which actually I didn’t think looked too bad, but Francesca said it made me look like a douche.  I said “Hey, what are you talking about?  I look like Brad Pitt in the film “Inglourious Basterds”!  She said, “Exactly”.


Then she said I looked more like William H. Macy in “Seabiscuit”.  Thanks.  I actually didn’t mind the mustache too much.  I felt clean shaven and yet had a bit of manliness on my upper lip.

me and bill macy

As we were in Salburg, Austria, which is near to the town of Linz where Adolf Hitler grew up and the Eagle’s Nest where he did himself in, I wanted to transition next to “the Hitler” moustache look, but Francesca quickly vetoed that idea.  It was her birthday so who was I to insist.

beard 4 shot

So, I am once again the handsome, clean cut guy you all remember when I left New York City.  Well, not exactly.  When I shaved off my beard I was greeted with a mine field of zits, but only on the right side of my face.   Not sure why that is exactly, but I’m kind of wishing for the beard back to cover that up.  I guess the next few days will feature no photos of me or ones where I’m showing my zitless profile.


4 Responses to “Whiskers Away!”

  1. Have a great birthday, Dan!!! I trust Fran did also.


  2. he must be your dad – no mention of the beard just a happy birthday – not weighed down by any paternal link myself, i’m going to come out and say it – the beard sucked – although the moustache did remind me of wing commander jahns, spitfire pilot from wwII, distinguished flying cross and bar … still it’s really a tough one to get right, there are very few documented cases of good-looking beard and i admire your challenging spirit ……oh yeah happy belated birthday again 😉

    • I thought you would have said it reminded you of the dashing guy in the Black Adder series!? “Hey bridesmaid, like the beard!”

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