German Expressionism

While we were waiting for the local bus to take us to Neuschwanstein castle I noticed quite a bit of graffiti on the walls of the train station which is next to the bus stop.  While they have a long way to go before they reach the levels of US graffiti artists I did admire their efforts.  Here are a few of them in a photo exhibition I like to call “Fussen Mussin’s”.


This one literally this means “No power for nobody”, and it is the name of the 2nd album and title song of the German band Ton Steine Scherben and criticizes the social and political ills of today’s Germany.


This one needs no translation.  Its pretty clear which side of the tracks this person is on.


Despite one repeated word closely resembling an English euphemism for the male genitalia, this graffiti art appears to be a declaration of love as far as I (and my online translator) can tell.


This one is apparently a political piece.  For those of you reading who are too young to know, this is the acronym for the former Soviet Union.  The acronym translated from Russian does not result in CCCP, but USSR.


Not sure what this one says, but it is colorful and creative so it makes the list.


This one is a little hard to make out, but it has something to do with war so it can’t be very good.


Not sure exactly what this one says either, but this guy definitely needs some graffiti white out.


Big, bold stokes.  I like it.  Although they could have used a bit more color.

Tune in next time for an African mask exhibition….



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  1. Nice, Fran & Arol-good to hear from u guys

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