Munchen in Bavaria at the Hofbrauhaus.

We hadn’t originally planned to stop in Munich, but when we found the cheapest flights to Istanbul from there we decided to reroute ourselves through this Bavarian city.  I immediately contacted Oskar, one of my business school buddies, whom I knew was living there and not only did he agree to give us a brief tour (we were only in town for an evening before an early flight the next morning), but he also invited us to stay at his apartment that he shares with his girlfriend, her son Zofian (from a previous relationship) and their six month old daughter Carla Mida.

We met Oskar at “The” Hofbrauhaus which was next to his office and after a couple of large beers he took us on a brief walking tour while giving us some very interesting historical facts about the city and some insight into the people.

First of all, I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised with Munich.  For some reason I pictured Munich much the same as Frankfurt – a large, metropolitan city with mostly non descript buildings.  However, I was way off.  It is actually quite a visually appealing town with many old churches and buildings.  According to Oskar Munich is a very provincial city despite being known around the world (he suspects this is due to Oktoberfest, which, as many of you probably know actually takes place in September).  Its local inhabitants are not very worldly, but do consider themselves to be a cut above other Germans (I hope I am not misinterpreting him here).

Also, Oskar told us, there is a dark side of Munich in that it was the early gathering place of the key players in the Nazi movement including Adolf Hitler who was nearly killed in an early Nazi rally which was quelled by force by the German military.  A little fun fact there for ya.

Indeed we saw a glimpse of this Bavarian fondness for rallies during our tour when we happened upon a large group of students marching through the streets with huge banners.  Oskar read the banners and listened to their chants and then informed us that these students were protesting the exorbitant cost of university tuition.  When we asked Oskar how much they have to pay he told us about the equivalent of $800 per semester.  Our jaws nearly hit the pavement and Francesca and I made a mental note to send our future offspring to a German university.

Here are a few photos of Oskar’s gorgeous wife Nina (a Lufthansa flight attendant who is currently training for her commercial pilot’s license) and their kids Zofian and Carla Mida.

The following morning we were off to Istanbul flying “Air Pegasus” (once again, I kid you not).  Like Wizz Air, Pegasus is another low cost airline that flies European routes, but you may not have noticed them before because they actually sell the outside AND inside of their planes as advertizing space!!!  The plane we were on was advertizing BEKO Home Appliances on the fuselage and YKM department store on the overhead compartments.  After we got over the initial shock of it, Francesca and I both agreed that it was a pretty savvy business decision.

Fortunately we made it safely to Istanbul where our good friend Ian was waiting to greet us and help celebrate my 40th birthday.

Country Stats:

Official Name: Federal Republic of Germany

Native Language: German

Country Name in Native Language: Bundesrepublik Deutschland

Population: 82,000,000

Capital City: Berlin

Government: Federal Parliamentary Republic

Current Leader: President Horst Kohler, Chancellor Angela Merkel

For more information on Austria click here.


3 Responses to “Munchen in Bavaria at the Hofbrauhaus.”

  1. Visiting Oktoberfest last year I loved hearing about the brewers incorporating different kinds of fungus in their brewing. The fungi fights off a variety of sugars and starches and replaces these sugars and starches with alcohol. This is all created using single-celled yeast fungus. As time proceeds, the acquired flavor increases. – Good Work Fungus! Many good memories of Bavarian culture . . .

    • aroljahns Says:

      Hi Shuck, Unfortunately i have never been to Oktoberfest, but I would really like to go at some point. Thanks for sharing your info on the pivotal role fungus plays in the beer brewing process. :p

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    thanks for sharing!

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