Surfing the Dunes in Swakopmund

If Europe was the “Eat” portion of the Eat, Play, Love tour then Africa has definitely been the Play portion (not that we haven’t been eating copious amounts of food mind you).  In addition to the shark diving and horse trekking we also went sandboarding in Swakopmund, a little German influenced enclave on the opposite side of the country from Sossusvlei.

Here are some pics of our experience….

Franny, Gert and Kyle (guide) make their way up the dune.

A view from the top.

Franny shredding sand.

Me getting some phat air……before falling on my fat ass!

Emmy, from Sweden, getting ready to board down Lizzie – the highest, longest run for the lie down boarders.

Me trying the lie down board…, but not as fun as the stand up boarding.

No chairlifts on this run……unfortunately.

Franny and Kyle trudging back up the dune for another run.

Frantastic and me post boarding.  We’re ready for some beverages!  Diet cokes (or Coke Lite as they call it here)

Everyone enjoying a desert lunch and much beverage.

Francesca chillin’ at our B&B run by, of course, a German guy.

Pic from the “famous” jetty.  It was very windy.

That afternoon we went to Mr. Price, a low price clothing store (kind of like Conway’s in NYC) in Swakopmund and upgraded our RTW travel outfits.  Some stuff we’ll send home, others we just donate to the poor (if it doesn’t smell too badly).

Another early alarm clock (4:30am) to drive the four hours back to Windhoek to catch our flight back to South Africa and our Safari…..

Country Stats:

Official Name: Republic of Namibia

Official Language: English (with Afrikaans, German & Oshiwambo as recognized regional languages)

Country Name in Native Language: Republiek van Namibië (Afrikaans), Republik Namibia (German)

Population: 2,171,000

Capital City: Windhoek

Government: Republic

Current Leader(s): President Hifikepunye Pohamba, Prime Minister Nahas Angula

For more information about the Republic of Namibia click here.


2 Responses to “Surfing the Dunes in Swakopmund”

  1. I just love all the sand. Sand for miles and miles. Right out of the movies.

    • By the way Brian, i did not make this connection the first time you commented, but my wife reminded me that we subscribed to your blog via her Kindle before setting off on our trip and found it quite useful. Thanks again for visiting our site.

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