Melbourne – Australia’s Second City

We were only in Melbourne for about five “effective hours” (the number of hours you can actually do stuff after accounting for travel time and early airport arrival) so we had to be efficient.  Several Melbourners (Melbournites?) we met while traveling advised us to take the free circle tram or free hop-on, hop-off tourist bus as it would run us by all the essential Melbourne tourist spots.  So after indulging in a delicious Chinese meal (we loves us some Chinese food!) the night before and a good night sleep (not included in the effective hours) we hopped on the Melbourne City Tourist Shuttle bus starting at the historic Flinders Street Station.

Flinders Street Station

We passed by several museums, parks, government buildings – they all looked pretty nice – and got off at the docklands where window shopped.  We were amazed to find out that you can purchase little kids in Melbourne (see photo below)!

Francesca and I looked, but we didn’t find one that we liked.

This is the city circle tram.  We didn’t take it.

We decided to forego the hop-on part again and took a nice, long walk through the docklands to the Rialto Building with its 360 degree observation deck.  We figured it was a good way to get a quick and easy view of all of Melbourne since we only had a few hours left.

Then we crossed over to the Southbank and had lunch at one of the many outdoor cafes alongside the gently flowing Yarra River while we soaked up the sun.

Then we walked back across the Princes Bridge from whence we got a good view of Federation Square, the giant sky wheel and one of the several sports stadiums in Melbourne.

With about 30 minutes left before our shuttle was picking us up to take us to the train which would take us to the plane, we stopped in at the Chill On Ice Lounge where the entire interior is made of ice including the bar, the chairs and the glasses.  It was very touristy, but an enjoyable break from the heat on the street.  Plus it was fun to break the glasses after finishing our drinks.

No airport issues this time and we were on our way to Christchurch, New Zealand for another layover before heading to Queenstown, New Zealand where we’d meet up with our friends Tiff and Adam for a week of high octane thrills in the birthplace of bungy jumping.


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