Hong Kong & The Last Sunset

Even though we only spent about ten hours here we get to include Hong Kong on our list of cities visited on our RTW trip since we did stay over night. We arrived around 10pm, checked into the Bishop Lei Hotel on Robinson Road in the mid-levels and immediately went back out to meet my good friend Dominick Falco, my former boss at Morgan Stanley when I used to live and work in Hong Kong.

Dom, Me & Francesca at one of the trendy Italian restaurant in the mid-levels.

I have known Dominick since I was 22 years old working for Morgan in Tokyo and spent 2 1/2 years working for him in Hong Kong before Britain handed it back to China.  Dominick, a New York native, has been jumping back and forth between Japan and Hong Kong ever since.  It was great to catch up with him, albeit briefly.

The morning came too soon and Francesca and I lugged our bags into a taxi for the last time before we hit US soil four months after leaving it in October. Hong Kong runs as efficiently as ever and as the taxi door opened automatically to let us out at the train station and the Airport Expresses whisked us quietly away towards Check Lap Kok Francesca and I squeezed each other’s hand in acknowledgement that our longtime dream of traveling around the world was coming to an end.

In the airport I got one last thrill ride – we had our bag shrink-wrapped at one of those machines.  I have often laughed (to myself) at travelers who get their suitcases wrapped in this fashion as I see it as largely unnecessary, however, we had a large, cheaply made duffel bag that we bought in Bali filled with breakables so we figured this would be the perfect opportunity to use the shrink-wrap machine!  And we had just the exact amount of Hong Kong dollars to pay for it.   Boy what fun!!

I even took a video of it.

Somewhere over the Pacific Ocean Francesca and I fell asleep and woke up to the Captain’s announcement that we were approaching John F. Kennedy airport.  Home again….

Sunset from our Cathay Pacific 747 somewhere over the Pacific Ocean.


3 Responses to “Hong Kong & The Last Sunset”

  1. That was a non-stop from Hong Kong to JFK????

  2. Thanks for sharing your post

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