Teva, We Salute You!

Me and my Teva Rivas in Tuscany, Italy

Those of you who read our first posting know how excited we were to get sponsored by Teva with a “pro deal” for our around the world trip. A pair of Tevas were the only shoe that Francesca and I brought with us and boy did they go through a lot.  I kept trying to find a suitable place in the blog to give a formal shout out to my Tevas, but each time I thought it would not be doing them justice to tuck mention of them in another posting that might steal their well deserved limelight.  So this posting is my homage to Teva.

Teva Riva

My Teva Rivas are THE MOST comfortable shoe that I’ve ever owned. And they are versatile as heck. My Tevas have been around the world and back, protecting my feet from the cold cobblestones of Europe, the hot desert sands of Namibia and the wet jungles of Southeast Asia. They have stood on volcanic rock in Cappadocia, Turkey and in underground river systems in Waitomo, New Zealand. They kept my feet warm and safe and dry.

The Teva logo (right) looks very similar to the hand of this Buddha wood carving in Laos.

They are an amazingly comfortable walking shoe AND surprisingly supportive running shoe. These babies were on my feet during several runs including ones through the canals of Venice, the sandy streets of Madagascar, the mountains of New Zealand and the beaches of Australia.

Teva Sunkosi

Francesca wore the Teva Sunkosi amphibious shoe and was equally pleased with her choice.

Francesca and her Teva Sunkosis taking a rest in Sossusvlei, Namibia.

Now what?  Our original idea in taking one pair of shoes on our trip was to abuse them for four months of daily wear and then chuck them figuring they would be completely dead by then. However, we are definitely both keeping our Tevas because (1) they are still in excellent condition and (2) they are the most comfortable shoes we own. Actually, I may end up cheating on my Rivas because I also got a pair of Sunkosis which have been waiting patiently for my return.

Our Tevas at Hohenschwangau Castle in Fussen, Germany.

I want to give our friends at Teva, Jaime Eschette and Peter Warren, a big shout out for helping us fulfill PART our round the world travel dream.  Our Tevas have been to FIVE of the SEVEN continents.  Guys, we’ll be contacting you for our RTW Trip #2!  🙂

My Teva Rivas overlooking Lake Como in Italy.

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