Welcome to……

I know I said that the previous posting was the final one, but I lied. Sorry.  🙂 Just one last short video to post.  I had forgotten that Francesca and I had recorded me saying “Welcome to [insert country name here]” in each of the countries we visited.

As many of you know I enjoy doing accents and so the game was to attempt (the operative word here) to imitate the accent of whichever country we were in at the time.  I think we got all but five countries. It appears we did not do one for Malaysia, Thailand or Australia and for the life of me I cannot find the ones I know we recorded in Turkey and the UAE.  Oh well.  I hope you enjoy the rest of them at least as much as I enjoyed making it.  Okay, probably not that much….

Disclaimer: I apologize in advance if any of my attempted accents offend anyone….I tried my best.


7 Responses to “Welcome to……”

  1. dammit dan i’m gonna truly miss reading your blog …yes i know i should get out more … best accent was austrian …somehow went really well with the dodgy tash … all in all …am in complete admiration for the whole enterprise

  2. This video was a brilliant idea and the execution was alternately inspiring, educational, and hilarious.

  3. What a cool blog, I’m sorry I just found it after your trip is all finished….

  4. That was fantastic. Sorry that stumbled on this at the end but great video! Looking forward to reading your blog and catching up.

  5. Great video….I feel really sorry to find your blog only now.


    A unique travel blog

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