Back to the Beginning

For those of you who are just stumbling, digging or Googling your way to this blog for the first time, welcome.  It’s great that people are still finding their way here.  I have to admit that I also come back here from time to time to reminisce about our trip.  The honest truth?  We wish we were still traveling.  But we both found excellent jobs that we love in Los Angeles and we’re happy here…..until Round The World: Part Deux!

The purpose of this entry (6 months after we returned from our travel odyssey) is simply to lead you all back to the beginning should you care to start from the top.  So click below to re-start our journey with us….the date is September 29th, 2009…….


Or if you prefer to go to a specific posting from a specific city or country, click here for an index of postings by geographic location.


If you’d like to see a “trailer” for all of the places we visited just scroll down a bit further and watch the short “welcome to” video.  Then go back to the beginning and read how it all happened.


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