About 0ur Trip

If you have read the travel-romance-self help novelette “Eat, Pray, Love” by Elizabeth Gilbert – and let’s be honest what devout Oprah Book Clubber hasn’t? – then you know that  the protagonist of that travel yarn journeyed around the world primarily seeking love, although, sadly for the book’s detractors, not in the time of cholera.  Well, since my bride of 10 months and I have already found love and the only praying we do these days is that she’s not preggers, the main goal of our trip will likely be eating.  We love sampling delicious and strange foods from other countries and we plan to report it all right back to you.

We also love to play – the more adventurous and risky the better.  Between the two of us we’ve been sky diving in Australia, bungy jumping in New Zealand, hang gliding in Rio, heli-snowboarding in the Himalayas, hot air ballooning in Argentina and great white shark cage diving in South Africa.  We hope to seek out some extreme thrills during our around the world journey and have you experience it vicariously through us.

I will endeavor to make this blog more visual than literary as it is much more exiting to “see” travel than to read about it.  Plus I recently purchased an awesome Canon Vixia HF S100 HD camcorder/digital camera combo deal and will be snapping, shooting and uploading like a madman to bring you a visual feast from the four corners of the globe.  That said, I will certainly try to keep you entertained with humorous tales in prose from the road or cultural fun facts from any obscure places we visit.

Draa Valley, Morocco

Draa Valley, Morocco


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