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We are a newlywed couple from New York City who love to travel. We’ve long dreamed of a trip around the world and when the prospect of a relocation and career change presented itself we thought now would be a great time to go for it before we pick up and start afresh in another city and of course before the pattering of little feet prevent us from doing something like this ever again.

Fortunately we are compatible travelers in that we both prefer experiencing a culture first hand than seeing it in a museum and would rather go on an adventure to some cool, out of the way hidden place than tick a famous tourist monument off the list. We both are also capable of roughing it (tents, no showers, no toilet), but also like to mix it up with the decadence of a five star resort or restaurant from time to time.

While Francesca is still a spring chicken at thirty-one, I will be turning forty during the second month of our trip (likely in Istanbul, Turkey) and trying to face it gracefully. I always feel younger when I travel, not sure why that is, but I hope that holds true on this trip as I enter middle age.

We both have brothers and sisters and parents on both coasts that we will miss, but hope to talk regularly with via the ever handy Skype.

Perito Moreno Glacier, Argentina

Perito Moreno Glacier, Argentina


18 Responses to “About Us”

  1. Ooohhhh guys I am so happy for you! and so jelause too!!!!! Enjoy it, eat the world up and if you are in Istanbul for your 40th celebrate it at the 360 restaurante in Taxim area… super cool!!
    If you are going to the middle east area you should’t miss Petra in Jordan; lovely Damascus in Syria and finish in one of the most fancy and elegant cities I’ve ever been: Beiruth in Libanon, go to sky bar but you need two weeks in advance reservations. and visit Baalbeck the city of the giants!!!!!
    Muchos besos to both of you!
    I will be following you!

    • Hi Maria! Thanks for the recommendations!! We’ll definitely check out 360 in Istanbul. In the Middle East we are only going to Dubai so we wont be able to take advantage of your other reckies. 😦 But keep ’em coming if you have more for other places we’re going!

  2. Steve Johnson Says:

    DJ & Francesca,

    What beutiful pictures. Looks like you are having an absolute blast and living life to the fullest. All the best from NYC where it is 50 and raining.

    All the best,
    Steve Johnson

    • aroljahns Says:

      Hey Willie Jay, thanks for following along at home! Sucks about the NYC weather – my dad was grousing about it as well. If it’s any consolation (which its probably not) it was a bit chilly today in Tuscany – about 60 F. But sunny skies which helped. 🙂 Hope all is well with you. Keep following along and sending comments. Best. DJ.

  3. Julie Chang Says:

    Dan, I am super jealous! I would love to do this…just need to get our acts together to do so! How long do you plan to travel and where will you come back in the states? All the best and have an awesome time!!!

    • aroljahns Says:

      Hey Julie,
      We plan to be on the road for 4 months and then we’ll end up in Los Angeles in February. Why don’t you consider joining us somewhere along our route?!!

      • Julie Chang Says:

        I would LOVE to meet you guys in Asia, but since I blew most of my vacation days this year on NZ (which I saw on your travel itinerary), I’m afraid its looking a bit tight, but who knows, maybe we’ll end up in Asia for a few days at the end of this year. How did you guys plan your trip flight wise? Were you able to buy one of those around the world tickets?

        We will definitely have to get together when you guys land on the West Coast. I don’t get to LA much these days, but San Diego is just a short jaunt away.

        • We did not get a round the world ticket as they are very expensive and limit you to a certain number of flights in each continent. Instead Francesca used a site called Vayama.com to help book our major intercontinental flights (NYC to Dubrovnik; Istanbul to Cape Town (via Dubai); Johannesburg to Bangkok; and Jakarta back to NYC). The other flights, trains, buses, etc. we have been making as we go. That is one of the benefits of traveling in off peak season – there is really no worries about booking hotels and flights last minute. Of course for Asia in December that won’t be low season so we’ve just booked all those now.

          Any recommendations for New Zealand? We’ll be in Queenstown for New Years Eve.

          • Julie Chang Says:

            Have you booked your hotels yet in NZ? Its peak season so you’re gonna want to book something asap. When I was looking at rates for NZ in July, some people got my dates mixed up with january and they were already sold out.

            We stayed at the Crowne Plaza Queenstown for a night but only because I had some points to get us a free night. It was nice, but nothing special. There are lower priced places as well, such as the Coronation Lodge which we thought was fine for one night. Both are right amongst the shops.

            If you are staying multiple nights, this place looks phenomenal: Pounamu Apartments. However its not right in the middle of town. short walk .

            Queenstown is stunning with the lake and the mountains in the backdrop. Due to weather, we were unable to see the fjords which is driving distance from Queenstown or a short heli flight. I hear they are amazing. Milford Sound is the more popular one but Doubtful Sound is larger. To see them you need several days to hike it but you still wont’ see all the fingers of the fjord unless you go by boat. You have to be there by around 8 or 9am to take the cruise, so its tough to drive to in the a.m People suggested we fly there because its a short 30 minute heli flight versus 2.5 hours to Te Anau and another 3 to Milford. About 3 to Doubtful Sound.

            Christchurch is cute, but its just a cute small town and not representative of the stunning beauty of NZ. If neither of you have been to NZ, I’d recommend skipping it, or if you must fly in there, I’d recommend you fly in and leave, pick up a car there and drive to Lake Tekapo on the way to Queenstown. Its gorgeous there. Did you see my pics on Facebook of Tekapo and Mt John? Great place to stop for a hike, lunch at the observatory and make it to Queentown by night.

            Also I regret not going wine tasting in Bannockburn / Cromwell which is just outside of Queenstown.

            Fishbone Bar and Grill has great food, but make a rezzie. For breakfast, try Halo

            If you have more time, go up to the Marlborough region. We stayed at an AWESOME B&B (great value) in Blenheim and had such a lovely time biking through.

          • Thanks for all the great tips and recommendations Julie! We are booked already for accommodations so no worries there. We are staying in apartments (as is our preference typically) not to far from the center of town. We will be in Christchurch for 1 day for a connecting flight. I have been there before, but in winter (heli-snowboard vacation) so it will be different this time.

            I did see your photos but that was before i knew i was going there so i’ll take another gander. I’ll also tell our crew about your other recommendations – Malborough region, etc. I think we already booked a private boat to see the fjords. but i’m not 100% sure.

            Thanks again!

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  5. Hello Dan & Francesca,

    I came across your blog in reference of everything-everywhere.com and must say; from one travel writer to another how impressed I am with your website. The idea of you guys being newlyweds traveling all over the globe makes it seem even more like a romantic experience! it adds unique and freshness to the articles. The final article is an eye opener for many other couples and newlyweds who are about to start a round the world tour! Good job 🙂

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    Hopefully this wasn’t your last trip, and in the future we can continue reading your articles and adventures! Best luck on your ventures at home and travel both, hope we cross paths one day!

    With best regards,
    Dave Geerts

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  7. Dear Francesca and Dan,

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    “American Bear” centers on an exploration two independent documentary filmmakers take on as they travel across the country for 60 days relying on nothing but the kindness of strangers for shelter each night. The insight that they shed on subjects such as community, trust, patriotism, spirituality, and nature are very powerful.

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  8. Hi guys,

    I have just added your site to my blog directory:


    Could you also add a link back to my Thailand blog from your site?


  9. Max Richardson Says:

    Dear Francesca and Dan,

    Phenomenal blog!
    Gotta toss you a hat tip for the quality; it’s nice to see quality rich on the conveyance of one’s experience.
    I was lucky to have spent my whole young adult life on the island of Bali, reading your blog brought back a lot of memories. I especially remember the holy day of Nyepi – The Day of Silence, when the island is cleaned of evil and all things bad.
    Numerous ceremonies are held in the evening before and effigies of demons are paraded around. Then the next day, all of us – Balinese, tourists and expatriates – have to stay indoors for 24 hours, from sunrise to sunrise. We light no fires and keep off all lights. The airport is shut down – no tourists allowed for 24 hours on this tourist island! Radio stations go silent and satellite TV providers pull the plug. I’m a surfer who lives by the beach and it can be hard to watch perfect waves that I am not allowed to go out and ride, but it’s nice to think that for one day this year, the ocean and island gets herself back. Just the birds out there singing without any darn traffic horns or diesel engines.
    I’ve traveled a bit and each culture has its own special holidays, but this one really is special. The whole hurtling juggernaut of commerce and of more, more, more and faster, faster, faster comes to a dead halt. Wouldn’t it be a damn fine idea if the world had a Day of Silence?
    I’ve recently been working on my writing to develop a voice and always mean to build out my own blog but get frustrated with hosting and all the stuff that goes along with maintaining a website. Despite the fact that the internet allows me to read about people’s experiences half a world away, honestly, I would just love to write and not have to deal with the tech side.
    I’ve had a ton of cool experiences over the years which I’ve been meaning to write up, and it would be great if I could push it out to the universe. If I swing a piece out to you would you ever consider it hosting it if you feel a resonance with your readers? I am always interested in feedback from different audiences as I develop my style.


    Max Richardson

    • Dan Jahns Says:

      Hi Max,

      Thanks for the nice comments about our blog. I definitely spent a lot of time crafting these posts – more time that my wife would have liked. 🙂 Wow, it must have been amazing growing up in Bali and the Day of Silence festival sounds incredible. I can’t even imagine in today’s day and age. You’re a surfer eh? Did you happen to read my blog posting about my first misguided attempt at surfing? 🙂 I would be happy to take a read of one of your blogs, but you should know that I am not an active blogger any more so there would really not be any platform for me to post your writing. What I always offer other bloggers is to include their link in my “blog roll”, but that, of course, requires you to have a blog up and running, which, I understand is the problem. These wordpress sites are not really hard to set up – all the hard work is basically done for you. I’m sure you can figure it out with a little effort. Let me know how else i can be helpful and again, i would be happy to read any of your travel essays and give you my thoughts. Thanks again for taking the time to reply. All the best, Dan

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