Off the Grid!

Have you ever had the urge to just pick up, leave your job and travel the world? Francesca and I have…. and now we’re actually doing it! We’ve quit our jobs and on October 5th, 2009 we’ll leave our family and friends in NYC to embark on a four month travel odyssey that will take us to Europe, The Middle East, Africa, Asia and Australia/New Zealand.

If you’re too tied into your 9 to 5 or just plain too smart to do likewise, then grab an armchair seat and travel vicariously through us.

The world awaits!

Click below to see our projected route around the world. For aesthetic purposes I only picked one or two major cities in each country, but be sure to check out our detailed itinerary Travel Map.


We have created this blog so anyone who is interested can follow our travels and hopefully join us somewhere along the route for a city or two. We are also eager to hear recommendations for places to eat or things to see from any of you well traveled readers out there. Make sure to click on the “Travel Map” page link on the right hand side bar to see where we’ve been and where we’re headed.


18 Responses to “Off the Grid!”

  1. Dude looks like 4 months isnt going to be enough time! Make it longer. Enjoy the trip!! Why arent you hitting Japan?

  2. Hey Brian, 4 months is all that the money we’ve saved up will last us…..but if you’re willing to donate to the cause…..then we’ll keep traveling! 🙂

    No Japan (regretfully) because of our self imposed criteria for choosing destinations. Especially with our limited time we decided (1) not to hit cities that both of us have been to (the exception being essential layovers in order to get to another destination; ie Hong Kong) or (2) or other major cities or countries that warranted a trip all to themselves (ie India). Basically we view this as our “sampler tour” and maybe we’ll return to places we really like for a longer stay sometime in the future. Also, the itinerary is just a rough sketch, but we have Left a lot of flexibility to stay longer in some places and bypass others as the mood strikes us.

  3. Have an amazing time! Look forward to hearing of your stories and seeing your photos. Look forward to seeing you when you make it to the West Coast in the New Year. Boa viagem!!!

  4. Absolutely fantastic, can I play you later on in the movie. Just don’t give Raj the screenplay to write. I would like to be a young man in the role.

  5. I think your project is just fabulous (I just finished reading the book which has inspired you guys) and I am wishing you both the best time in your adventure.

  6. Are you guys coming back to ny to lived are or you guys staying in california forever??

    • aroljahns Says:

      Hi Tanya. It’s too early to say, but if I were a betting man (which I’m not) i would be that we would eventually make it back to NYC. Then again, we might just fall in love with one of our international destinations and never even make it to LA!

  7. Hi,

    All the very best for your adventure. Travelling and experiencing different parts of the world is really challenging.


  8. Holy smokes Dood! That is so awesome. I’ll be here rootin’ for the Steelers for you guys!!!

    • aroljahns Says:

      Thanks CW! Glad we won Sunday night. Great start, but scare down the back stretch… usual. at least we pulled it out. I’ll be looking for Steeler bars around the world – we’ll see if it’s truly Steeler World, not Steeler Nation.

    • aroljahns Says:

      Dood! What’s happening to our Stillers???!!

  9. Jeff Gordon Says:

    Wow, this site is a blast. I’ve been reading it for the past day and a half living so vicariously thru you two. With two little ones under 4, this is impossible for us now, but really looking forward to being empty nesters and giving something like this a shot. Of course, we’ll be really old by then, but maybe teleportation will be invented making it truly a breeze. Loved the footie references, SA 2010 draw this Friday and you know I’ll be watching. Have fun and I’ll be following the next legs of your journey!

    • aroljahns Says:

      Hi Jeff! Great to hear from you. Thanks for reading the blog. Glad you are enjoying it. Yeah, Francesca and I figured this was our last chance to do this before we start cranking out the bambinos….. 🙂 I’m sure you’ll get the chance after the kids have left the nest and you’ll have the $$ to do it properly and not have to sleep in your tiny rental car. 🙂 Then again, with the cost of education as it is, maybe your whole trip will be sleeping in the car! 🙂 I haven’t seen the world cup draw yet (still catching up on emails after 4 days without internet in Madagascar) but i hear from my Dad that the US got a pretty good draw with only England to pose any problems. Then again we all know how they choke under pressure. 🙂 And before any of my English friends chime in here…..I have five words for you: “1950 World Cup in Brazil”. History is about to repeat itself. Take care Jeff.

      • aroljahns Says:

        Wow, you dont realize how many smiley faces you use until you hit “submit reply” and they turn into bright yellow emoticons. I’ll have to curb that impulse. 🙂 (dammit! i did it again!)

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