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7 Responses to “Travel Map”

  1. Could I be your guide? You would see some of the more fantastic sites, due to the fact that I know nothing about any of these countries, but what an adventure we’d have, because we would be lost most of the time.

    Thinking about you. Enjoy!

  2. Craig Benson Says:

    Dan, i have been to many of these spots, about the time you are flying over the middle east i will be there, near Tel Afar west of Mosul. Make sure you dont plan alot of time at Pesa (leaning Tower) the only thing there is the tower, its like Chevy chase in Vacation when he views the Grand Canyon. I don’t know if you like the Sound of Music, but Salzburg Austria and southern Germany are breath taking, Take the tour to see the Sound of Music spots, also near Salzburg is Hitlers Mountain Hide Out called the Eagles Nest, plus at the base of mountain is a Hotel were there are some bunkers underneath it. they led to Hitlers house which was destroyed but the bunker system is cool. keep me posted, i leave end of Oct for Kuwait then up to northern Iraq, Craig

    • aroljahns Says:

      Hey Ben-toon, thanks for all the tips. yeah, i think we’re going to take a miss on a lot of the “must see” sights in favor of “doing” rather than “seeing” and trying to have as many cultural experiences as possible (like sitting in an Irish pub drinking Guinness as we are doing right now). I DO like the Sound of Music- Hello, who doesn’t? Hopefully we can make it to the Eagle’s Nest. I was aware that that was the name of Hitler’s mountain hideout, but i did not make the connection back in high school that that was what you called the bar in your basement! Okay man, you take care of yourself out there. Don’t do anything stupid. We ALL want to see you back safely! My prayers are with you. And THANK YOU for going there for the rest of us. Dan

  3. Hi guys,

    It is great what you’r doing, something I always wanted and couldn’t do upto now. Hopefully sometime…
    I’m living in Istanbul and saw that you included Istanbul to your route so if you need any help, I can assist you…You may reach me via this mail address …
    I hope you can enjoy Istanbul, it is a great experience …

    Take care,

  4. David Weinberg Says:

    Would LOVE to talk with you when you return! Considering similar plan (I’m between jobs), and now may be the time. Why reinvent the wheel? You guys are kindred spirits, and would love a short phone call to get a download if you’d be so kind. Awesome Blog and website BTW. All the Best!

    • aroljahns Says:

      Hi David,
      Awesome, glad you liked the blog and, more importantly, are considering a similar trip. You won’t regret it. Its definitely the best thing i’ve done in my life. We’ve been back for about a month now and adjusting to life NOT on the road. Definitely give me a call and i’ll be happy to share my experience with you. Best, Dan Ps. Just curious, how did you find out about our trip/blog?

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